The Eternal Sands of Egypt – Floating Meditation

Before Transmute’s big move, Meditation with Michael will be taking you on a final epic journey of the imagination.

Join us on the 22nd of June between 7-9:30pm, where you will dive into the wondrous depths of ‘The Eternal Sands of Egypt’, as you venture on a remarkable quest for immortality. ⏳

The evening will start with a soul-stirring cacao ceremony, followed by Transmorphic Breathwork. After cultivating a state of peace and calm, you will then settle into the embrace of hammocks, and be ready to transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Michael will then transport you back to the enigmatic ancient civilisation of Egypt. In this sacred realm, messages from the gods will be revealed, illuminating your path to unravelling the mythic secret of immortality. ⚡️

Like a pharaoh’s tomb gradually yielding its cryptic treasures, each breath will guide you closer to the depths of eternal enlightenment.✨

‘The Eternal Sands of Egypt’ promises to be an unforgettable voyage. Come and unveil the truths hidden in the sands of time, and unravel the enigma of immortality with an extraordinary evening of discovery and wonder.🙏