Return To Zion – Connecting To Jah (Floating Meditation Journey With Michael)


Meditation with Michael invites you to the floating meditation journey ‘Return to Zion’, where spirituality intertwines with the rhythm of reggae, igniting a connection to Jah within. Join us at Transmute Studio on February 24th, from 7pm to 9:30pm, as we explore the radiant principles of the Rastafarian way of life.

We will begin with a heart-opening cacao ceremony, enveloping your being in the warmth and richness of this sacred plant medicine. Before we immerse into a gentle wave of breathwork to guide you further into a centred state of connectedness.

Then your imagination will be guided along a holistic path that embraces natural living, social justice, and spirituality. Denouncing the grip of materialism, capitalism, and consumerism, ‘Return to Zion’ will lead you towards the beauty of simplicity and self-sufficiency, allowing your spirit to soar unburdened.

Here we will celebrate the fundamental values of equality, community, and the fight against oppression that ignite the Rastafarian movement. Through soul-stirring reggae music, let the powerful melodies uplift your soul and Illuminate your path towards oneness, as we return to Zion, unlocking the wisdom within and connect deeper with Jah.