Reclaiming Your Essence – Rediscover Your Playful Curiosity, Confidence & Zest For Life! (Creative Empowerment Journey With Megg

‘When did you stop trusting yourself? Holding back your expression?
When was the last time you let yourself be imaginative, playful, creative?
Do you tell yourself, ‘I’m not a creative person…’
‘I’m not good at art…’

Do you find yourself holding yourself back, in your work, your relationships, your life?
Holding back your ideas…
Doubting yourself…
Staying small…
Lacking in confidence & self-belief?
Somewhere, along the way, we lost our sense of child-like wonder, our playful curiosity, our sense of adventure, our ZEST FOR LIFE.

We stopped exploring, we stopped venturing outside of the box, and we started doubting ourselves, filtering our ideas… our expression, in order to please.
In order to stay connected… to belong.
Yet somewhere within us, there still exists this playful inner child… our unique expression.
The very essence that makes you, YOU.
The one that still wants to throw leaves into the air, the one that wants to throw pebbles into the river, the one that wants to doodle, daydream… to imagine ‘what if…’
If you’ve been feeling stuck, helpless, flat, disempowered… and are ready to step back into the drivers seat of your own life…

If you’re ready to begin trusting yourself and feel more hopeful and inspired… and all whilst having some gentle fun!
Here is a loving opportunity for you to reconnect with your child-like essence, your inner curiosity, to regain that spark of self-belief, confidence and playfulness.

We’ll be guiding you through a beautiful journey of:
Somatic grounding practicesLimiting beliefs – mindset exploration Cacao ceremony Symbolic exploration & therapeutic story writing Creative expression (through an art medium of your choice)Sharing circles (optional)Nourishing Nibbles Somatic Movement … and more

All materials provided. No experience needed. This will be an individual exploration within a supportive, loving intimate group. You’ll not be expected to ‘produce’ or ‘share’ anything unless you desire to do so. We’ll be guiding you every step of the way, as you begin to reconnect with your own inner trust, confidence & playful curiosity