Join us for a transformative experience where nature's beauty enhances the richness of your spirit.

***Please note that no animals are permitted at the retreat and no refunds will be given unless the retreat is cancelled***


Juice & Flow – North Wales Retreat


Come, immerse yourself in the serene harmony of mind, body, and spirit at the Juice and Flow Retreat, nestled in the awe-inspiring landscape of North Wales.

Discover the perfect balance between rejuvenation and exploration amidst the tranquil beauty of rolling hills and lush valleys. Breathe in the crisp, fresh air as you gaze out over the stunning mountain vistas that surround you.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our guided nature walks, letting the untouched beauty of our secret beach refresh your spirit. Ascend to new heights both physically and spiritually on our invigorating mountain hikes, and delve deep into your inner world through our meditation sessions, designed to open your heart and clarify your mind.

Elevate your energy and harness the power of your breath with our transformative breathwork practices. Connect with the earth and yourself in profound new ways, finding peace and clarity in the simplicity of nature’s embrace.

At Juice and Flow, we nourish not just the body, but the soul. Our carefully curated yoga sessions, juice blends, and meditation practices are complemented by nutrition workshops and Transmorphic Breathwork sessions, all led by our team of exceptional facilitators: Michael in Meditation, Joshua Obasuke in Mindful Movement, Sammy in Holistic Health, and Isabella Nutrition guiding you towards a balanced and enlightened existence.


The Juice and Flow Retreat is more than just a getaway; it’s an invitation to simplify, to peel away the layers of everyday stress and connect with the essence of your being in the here and now.

Join us for a transformative experience where nature’s beauty enhances the richness of your spirit. Reserve your spot today and set forth on a path of self-discovery, healing, and profound growth.


About the location: 

Nestled in the picturesque area of Pen-y-mount in Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, North Wales this beautiful venue is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, offering the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The local area is filled with stunning scenery.

You can also visit the charming town of Ffestiniog, which is home to a variety of quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants.


This beautiful family owned property welcomes you with a charming garden, surrounded by a stunning mountain range.

With a kitchen and two bathroom facilities, quaint living quarters and two clean, spacious bedrooms.

What really sets these rooms apart is the strong sense of community and team building they foster whether you’re travelling with a group of friends or looking to make new ones, our bunk bed rooms are the perfect place to connect and build lasting relationships.



There are several investment options for this beautiful retreat starting from just £200. Payment plans are also available if required, upon request. All tickets include access to all retreat activities, fresh organic juices and more.

Simply click below to explore the different options available to you.

Weekened Schedule:

🌿 Friday:
– 4:00pm: Arrival
– 6:00pm – 7:30pm: Experience the magic of our opening ceremony, followed by a soothing meditation and yoga practice designed to bring peace and serenity to your soul.
🧘‍♀️ Saturday:
– 8:00am: Enjoy a refreshing juice to kickstart your day
– 9:00am: Immerse yourself in breathwork and invigorating Wake-Up Yoga
– 10:30am: Dive into a nourishing nutrition workshop
– 12:00pm: Recharge with a revitalizing juice
– Afternoon: Explore nature, gather treasures for a beautiful mandala
– 5:00pm: Come together to create a stunning Nature Mandala
– 6:00pm: Savor another delicious juice
– 7:00pm: Indulge in a Yoga Nidra session under the stars.
🌊 Sunday:
– 8:00am: Energize your morning with a fresh juice
– 9:00am: Find inner peace with meditation and restorative or yin yoga
– 10:30am: Head to the beach for breathwork, a refreshing cold swim, and relaxing games (weather permitting)
– 12:30pm: Replenish with a revitalizing juice
– 3:00pm: Conclude your retreat with blissful chanting and a soothing sound bath experience.
Embark on this journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and wellness with us. Let’s unwind, recharge, and connect with ourselves and nature.
🍹Add on:
There will be an option to stay an additional night along with delicious energy bites to sustain you for the journey home.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to revitalise in an incredible setting with a group of friendly, professional, health conscious facilitators. 

Meet the Team

Read about our professional team of facilitators who will ensure your retreat is a beautiful experience you won’t forget

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Please Read our retreat policy below

Juice & Flow Retreat Policy:

1. Age Restriction: Juice & Flow Retreat is exclusively for individuals aged 16 and above. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to participate in any retreat activities.
2. Pets Policy: Pets are not allowed on the retreat premises unless prior approval has been granted by retreat management. Any requests for bringing pets must be submitted in writing and approved at least 30 days prior to the retreat start date.
3. Refund Policy: There are no refunds available for cancellations or no-shows. Participants are encouraged to make sure they can commit to the retreat dates before booking as refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.
4. Alcohol and Drugs Policy: Juice & Flow Retreat maintains a strict policy against the consumption of alcohol and drugs on the premises. Any individual found violating this policy will be asked to leave the retreat immediately and will not be eligible for a refund.
By participating in the Juice & Flow Retreat, all attendees agree to abide by the above policies and any additional rules and regulations set forth by retreat management. Failure to comply with these policies may result in dismissal from the retreat without refund. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation