Join us for this beautiful connective workshop and explore the sacred realm of Tantra.

Guided and held by Annabelle Newfield, renown Tantra teacher,  this intimate and exciting journey of love and energy will connect you deeper with source and enlighten you to the powerful energies that lie with in you.

included in the event:


  • Cacao & Rose chocolates to open our heart
  • A healthy, tasty, organic meal
  • Consent, communication around talking, touch and sensations.
  • Practicing connecting deeper with yourself, in pairs, small groups, and all together.
  • Breathwork.
  • Softening and expanding into Love, Joy and Oneness.
  • Connective practice
  • Heart dancing
  • Wish tree – What’s your connection wish today?
  • Shared circle time.

Don’t miss this special workshop and be sure to wear comfy cosy clothing that you can easily move in.