Healing Grief & Loss With Tension Stress Trauma Release – A Workshop With Ola Tree Of Life

As part of National Grief Awareness Week, You are personally invited to participate in a unique healing workshop aimed at understanding, accepting and integrating the effects of grief, loss, stress, trauma, depression and anxiety.

Held safely in a, non judgmental, authentic, understanding space, we will employ a combination of TRE (Tension Stress Trauma Release) exercises and powerful & gentle supporting methods inspired by the ground breaking insights of Francis Weller’s work

to assist you in the healing of grief in its many manifestations.

As we approach the often challenging festive season, the objective of this event is to give you access to tools, guidance and support that will allow you to navigate your healing journey from a more holistic accepting perspective, while allowing you to relieve stress and anxiety, improve your overall well being and realign on your life path.

Grief and loss are natural responses to challenging experiences and can manifest through a wide range of emotions such as sadness, anxiety, depression, anger, overwhelm, numbness and much more.

While the death of a loved one is a common cause of these natural human responses, they are also indicative of a vast array of experiences including a divorce or breakup, losing your job, or even your sense of purpose and security.

Grief is the emotional response to these losses, and is a natural part of life.

What to expect?

 Welcome, Creating Safety, Somatic Grounding tools

 Healing Grief Circle

 TRE (Tension Stress Trauma Release)

 Integration, Hope & After Care

 Complimentary Cacao