Emotional Resilience & TRE (Tension Stress Trauma Release)

Join us on a journey to learn more about Emotional resilience and it’s practical application which is crucial for maintaining well-being, especially in the face of physical, emotional stress and life challenges. In this somatic(Body based) TRE workshop, we will also explore how the body and mind are interconnected in building resilience. Participants will learn somatic practices and techniques to regulate emotions, release tension, and cultivate a greater sense of resilience. Through experiential exercises and body-cantered approaches, attendees will discover how to harness the body’s wisdom to build emotional resilience and enhance overall well-being. Join us to explore the powerful connection between the body and emotions, and learn practical tools to strengthen your resilience from within. Whether you are new to TRE or have experienced it before, no experience is needed and all levels are welcome. • Reduce Worry & Anxiety • Improve Sleep Quality • Strengthen Relationships • Alleviate Workplace Stress • Cultivate Emotional Resilience• Boosts Energy • Supports ADHD & Autism • Helps Regulate Hormones • Relieves Muscle and Back Pain TRE is a revolutionary, research-backed method that gently taps into your body’s natural response, allowing you to release tension, stress, and find deep relaxation in your nervous system. Through the expert guidance of our renowned facilitator Ola Tree of Life, you will learn to reduce worry and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and cultivate emotional resilience, leading to stronger relationships and a more harmonious life. Whether you’re dealing with workplace stress or looking to boost your energy, this event promises a comprehensive approach to wellness. This unique holistic healing modality will help with ADHD and Autism, as the techniques taught aim to regulate hormones and foster mental well-being. Physical ailments like muscle and back pain are also addressed, providing a full body-and-mind healing experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your potential and embrace a more vibrant, stress-free life. This event is limited to 15 places to retain the necessary intimacy and attention required for the whole group to reap the full benefits of this incredible practice.