Elemental Flow – Floating meditation with Michael

‘Elemental Flow’, is a mesmerising expedition that transcends the boundaries of the tangible world. At Transmute Studio, on the 14th of October between 7pm and 9pm, we will embark on a journey where the elements intertwine in an enigmatic dance that unfolds within the depths of your very being.

We invite you to unlock the secrets harbored within your soul, as the flickering essence of fire caresses your senses, igniting a primal warmth that courses through your veins. With each breath, the whispering winds carry you on invisible currents, unveiling the exhilarating sensation of airborne liberation.

The grounding solidity of earth anchors you to profound truths, unveiling an unbreakable connection between your existence and the ancient forces that shape it. Immerse yourself in the fluidity of water, as its cascading rhythm guides you through an aquatic symphony.

Yet, amidst this dance between the elements, an elusive element beckons you to explore its mysteries – the elusive space element, the vast tapestry that weaves the fabric of reality together.

Elevate your consciousness, for within this mystical odyssey lies a profound revelation: that the elements, fragmented and scattered, find unity within your very essence. Awaken the latent energies that lie dormant, as you succumb to the enchanting allure of the ‘Elemental Flow’.