Ecstatic Laughter


Join us for a high vibratory experience combining ecstatic dance, laughing yoga, breathwork, cacao and tasty organic food.

This all day event will raise your vibrations, unlock latent energies within you and allow you to release stress while expressing yourself in a safe, fun, healing environment.

We have teamed up with Claire of ‘Feed Good Communities’ & ‘High Vibes Crochet’ to bring you an incredible, exhilarating day of laughter, movement, music, food, expression and ceremony.

Laughter helps change the body’s physiology, it takes us out of fight and flight and into rest and digest. You laugh you feel good!, it’s that simple…

Plus, You can look forward to an exclusive set from one of the scenes’ top DJs taking you on an uplifting ecstatic dance journey through the deepest realms of self expression.
But that’s not all, we have a unique, healing breath work session delivered by Transmute Studio CEO Joshua Obasuke in store for you and a beautiful vegetarian/vegan meal to share with you all.
This event is set to sell out fast, so be sure to get your tickets well in advance.