As the sap rises, Spring Equinox has burst forth, let’s gather and connect, blossom and bloom together. … learn, heal, connect, play, grow …
This workshop is a fabulous opportunity to meet many people in a meaningful way… you may leave with a date or two in the hand, or just with the warm glow of having connected with new friends.

This four hour workshop will include :

Games and exercises to meet and greet many people in fun and meaningful ways
Connection exercises with yourself, in pairs, small groups, and all together.
Breathwork & meditation
Consent and communication around talking, touch and sensation.
Sharing a delicious meal at the end…

Your teacher for this event is Annabel Newfield.

She’s been a tantra teacher with Shakti Tantra ( and run her private practice in Manchester for over 11 years
Annabel is well known for her energetic, sexy, playful energy as well as depth of safety holding spaces and supporting people to explore their potential and find the freedom and awareness to live the lives they truly wish for.

See you at Transmute studio Saturday 25th March Ticket price includes Hot drinks, Meal and Cacao, pre book to reserve your place *Workshop from 3-7pm. Shared meal after 7, and hangout time ….Doors will close at 3.15pm due to the nature of the opening share where we will cover consent, if you can’t make this time there will be plenty more events soon.**Wear comfy cosy clothing that you can move easily in.