Conscious Conversations

Join us for the launch of our ground-breaking new event – Conscious Conversations, a place where we give you, the people, a platform to openly and freely express your views, opinions and concerns on current affairs.

In times of such global turbulence we believe it is important we come together to address a plethora of subject material that affects us all on a multitude of levels in order that we may understand each other as sovereign, sentient beings and work together to create a world that we can coexist and cocreate in a more harmonious and productive way.

This will be a held space in a safe, controlled, rational environment where everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to share their own viewpoints with the group and open up dialogue and debate for positive outcomes.

Join us as we explore Freedom of Speech in its purest form.

***This is a Free Event – Refreshments will be available for purchase on the day***