Community Jumble Sale

🎉🎈🛍️ Get ready for the bargain bonanza of the year! 🛍️🎈🎉

Transmute Studio is hosting a Jumble Sale Extravaganza on the 3rd of December at 2pm that will make even Santa’s workshop look like a corner shop! Join us for a day of delightful discovery and chaotically charming chaos!

Have a hoard of old treasures that have been forgotten in your attic? Got a collection of vintage vinyls gathering dust? Looking to share those hand-knitted gnome sweaters with the world? Turn your trinkets into treasure! Bring them along, book a stall, and you’ll have a crowd of eager customers waiting to give your goodies a new home. All we request is a 10% donation from your proceeds to our chosen local charity, turning your old stuff into gold dust for those in need.

And oh, did we mention the food? Sink your teeth into our delicious organic vegetarian delights, savor the soothing herbal teas, and let the rich, velvety notes of our exquisite cacao enchant your palate.

So come along, find a bargain, fill your belly, and feel good doing it! It’s not just a jumble sale, it’s a jamboree of joy!

Reserve your stall today and reach us through our socials. Remember, one man’s jumble could be another man’s joy! Let’s make this holiday season a time of fun, unity, and giving back. 🎊🎁🎄