Embark on a transformative quest, where serenity awakens and the true essence of enlightenment blossoms within. Join us on the 12th of August between 7pm-9pm at Transmute Studio, as we transcend the boundaries of the ordinary and delve into the extraordinary.

At the illustrious event “Being Buddha: The Paths to Enlightenment,” hosted by the enigmatic Meditation with Michael, seekers of tranquility are invited to embark on a mesmerizing floating meditation journey unlike any other. Brace yourself as the tides of your mind gently ebb away, revealing the majestic qualities of enlightenment that reside within you.

Unleash the dormant potential inside of you and dive deep into the boundless realm of your own consciousness, where clarity and wisdom coalesce effortlessly.

Spaces are limited for this awe-inspiring floating meditation experience, so secure your place and be prepared to immerse yourself in the profound, invigorating depths of your own enlightenment.