Mastering Arm Balances workshop with Will Burton

Mastering Arm Balances workshop with Will Burton

Arm balances are so much fun and for any practitioner the journey

to mastering these advanced Yoga poses is liberating. Physically for

building strength, suppleness as well spacial awareness and the

amounts of concentration it requires to balance on your arms for

long periods. (It’s all in the feel.)

During the workshop we will deconstruct and discuss each pose,

having the knowledge really empowers the experience. Overcome

fear at this workshop, develop Yogic knowledge – learn the anatomy

of arm balances and most importantly have fun ‘Learning to fly.’

● Crane (crow) pose

● Headstand pose

● Poses dedicated to sage Koudinyana

● Peacock pose

● Flying pigeon

By the end of the workshop you will have a ‘training kit know how’ to

develop these poses at home in your own time.

About your teacher; Will Burton is a Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher

with over 10 years Yoga teaching experience. He trains Yoga

Teachers on behalf of his Guru delivering Yoga trainings in the UK, Thailand and India.