Aranyani Dance Wild with Wzrdry – Samhain Ceremony

In ceremonial celebration of Samhain, we invite you to join us for our flagship dance wild event Aranyani –  The UK’s most unique ceremonial ecstatic dance event.

Combining breath work, meditation, Cacao ceremony, ancient traditions, sacred song, live percussion and instruments and ecstatic dance each Aranyani event is beautifully designed to take you on a deep journey of expression, self discovery and healing.

This exclusive ceremonial ecstatic dance event with is limited to 50 tickets to retain the intimate magic we so eloquently create collectively.

We also have a very exciting finale to reaffirm connection to the spirit of Aranyani following the dance.

Join us for another night of expressive dance as we journey into the heart of wild movement, allowing the music to flow through our vessels and manifest in the primal rhythms of our flow.

Clear blockages and traumas, improve your immune system and enjoy the transcendence as we take your body, mind and soul to sacred realm of Aranyani.