About Transmute Studio, Stockport

Transmute Studio is a holistic self development & community hub based in Stockport. Founded in 2021 by Joshua Obasuke with the intention of inspiring human growth on the planes of mind, body & soul.

Inspired by ancient traditions yet executed with a modern twist the many classes facilitated at transmute allow a tranquil environment for people to enhance their body and it’s wonderful, often hidden faculties, sharpen their minds and align with the essence of source, ie the infinite energy permeating all life on this planet.

From personal training, HIIT classes and drumming circles right through to talking circles, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance and sound journeys, Transmute Studio, based in Stockport UK provides a wide spectrum of different classes and events designed to help individuals gain a more holistic approach to their health and ultimately live a better life.

The hub is also a platform for key researchers and speakers specialising in various alternative subjects to share information not commonly found in the mainstream news. This is done through Various exciting live events and seminars covering everything from sacred science, the occult, past life regression, psychotropic medicines right through to human origins and ancient philosophies.

Joshua Obasuke is a qualified personal trainer, naturopathic nutritionist and an avid researcher of esoteric subject matter. He is also a strong advocate of hermetic and stoic philosophy and believes that a centre with a focus not only on the development of the body but also encompassing the expansion of the mind and healing of the soul is an essential remedy we collectively require and is something missing from our daily lives of ‘hustle and bustle’ here in the western world.

Through the means of addressing all three aspects of ourselves and exercising the necessary practices of growth and integration we can all become better versions of our true selves.

Transmute also have a small holistic shop offering health products such as organic sea moss, medicinal mushrooms, alkaline water, natural soaps and tinctures right through to high-quality CBD oil and much more.

Love & Blessings

Transmute Studio.